2012 Venice Course on Extreme Vascular Interventions

Ten Years Italian Experience in Treating the Ischemic Diabetic Foot


We are pleased to inform you that it will be organized on March 28-30, 2012
Venice Course on Extreme Vascular Interventions: Ten Years Italian Experience in Treating the Ischemic Diabetic Foot" at the Palazzo del Casino. For details consult the site www.evivenice2012.com. The course will take place in two and a half days with plenary sessions, workshops and practical sessions and will be credited for doctors, chiropodists, orthopaedic technicians and nurses with around 400 specialists in the various disciplines involved in ischaemic diabetic foot and in its care. We therefore believe that your Company might be interested to participate in presenting  products and services and sponsoring the initiative in the forms that will be considered most appropriate and duly recognized.

In line with the new provisions for the Accreditation below you will find detailed sponsorship provided for:

• The Organization of one or more Workshops in the afternoon of March 28  plus exhibition space.

• Rent exhibition space close to the Main Meeting Room.

• Leaflets to exhibit at the conference secretariat.

• Catering costs contribution (to be agreed)

• Contribution to organizational costs (e.g. course venue; printing; grants; etc. ) (to be agreed)

• Other forms of sponsorship to be agreed.

• Conference kit  with the LOGO of the Company.

• Registration fees


Dott. Lanfroi Graziani,  Brescia
Dott. Alberto Piaggesi,  Pisa
Dott. Carlo Caravaggi, Milano



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