2012 Venice Course on Extreme Vascular Interventions

Ten Years Italian Experience in Treating the Ischemic Diabetic Foot





Lido is easily reached for those arriving by air. There are public boat lines and private taxi boats directly from Marco Polo Airport and also public transport buses from Treviso Sant’Angelo airport .


Public transport boats Alilaguna Rossa (red)

These boats operate directly from the airport with a drop off in central points of Venice including Lido.  It takes about 55 minutes to get to Lido. They leave every hour or so. The price is 13 euros including luggage.

ATVO bus + ACTV water bus
buses leave the airport every half hour. The trip to Piazzale Roma in Venice takes 20 minutes, ticket price is 3 euros including luggage. From Piazzale Roma to Lido you should then take a ACTV water bus, either line 61 or 51, which are the fastest ones and take about 40 minutes. There is also a slower but more beautiful line that follows the Grand Canal. This takes an hour or more. Tickets cost 6.50 euros for one hour’s travelling time but there are also tickets that cost less and cover a day or a week’s travelling time.

ACTV bus + ACTV water bus
The airport bus number 5 takes you straight from the airport to Piazzale Roma in Venice with a few stops in between. The ride takes about 30 minutes and costs 1 euro, excluding luggage costs. Every bag costs 1 euro. From Piazzale Roma to Lido an ACTV boat is necessary. The fastest are lines 61 and 51 (40 minutes) or alternatively number 1 boat line that takes you along the Grand Canal.

Taxi (cars) + ACTV water bus
From the airport a taxi ride to Venice takes 15 minutes and costs around 30 euros. From Piazzale Roma to Lido an ACTV boat is necessary. The fastest are lines 61 and 51 (40 minutes) or number 1 boat line that takes you along the Grand Canal.

Water Taxis
Private water taxis are smaller than waterbuses, they can take up to 12 people. They are faster, definitely more glamorous, but more expensive. They take around half an hour or less to reach Lido and cost around 100 euros.

A bus line connects Treviso airport with Venice, Piazzale Roma in 40 minutes and leave every half hour.  The ticket costs 6 euros including luggage.  From Piazzale Roma to Lido you should then take an ACTV boat.

Alilaguna: www.alilaguna.com
Bus atvo: www.atvo.it
Bus and Vaporetti actv: www.actv.it
Radio taxi Mestre: phone +39-041-936222



If you arrive in Venice by ship, from the port you can easily reach Lido using the private waterbuses of Alilaguna or the public tranport ACTV.
Alilaguna is a private company connecting Stazione Marittima, the port of Venice, to Lido island (blue line).
You can also take the ACTV public tranport (number 2 or 51) from San Basilio,  the boarding point near the port of Venice.

Venice Port www.port.venice.it
Alilaguna www.alilaguna.it
Actv www.actv.it


If you arrive by train you should stop at Santa Lucia Railway station, which is located in central Venice and near Piazzale Roma which is the car drop off point. From there to Lido is just a boat ride using the public water bus, called vaporettos, run by the ACTV: line 1 (55 minutes), line 51 (40 minutes) or line 52 (45 minutes).
Bags can be easily transported outside the station using trolleys found on the platforms and inside the railway station itself. A luggage deposit is also available (near platform 14). It is open from 6 am to midnight every day. There are also porter services called Cooperativa Trasbagagli that can transport luggage if you need to walk to your hotel.

Trenitalia: www.trenitalia.it
Actv www.actv.it
Cooperativa Trasbagagli www.trasbagagli.it


Lido is one of the easier places to get to by car in Venice. The motorways that bring you to Venice are the following: A4 from Trieste and Torino, A27 from Belluno, A13 from Bologna and smaller provincial artery roads: SS 309 Romea from the Adriatic coast, SS 14 from Trieste, SS 13 from Treviso, SS 11 from Padova.  
Cars need to cross the longLibertàBridgebefore arriving in Piazzale Roma, the last piece of mainland after which lies Venice. Piazzale Roma is one big parking area where tourists must leave their cars before entering Venice. There are few different parking lots with daily or hourly rates. The cheapest one is the Tronchetto. Turn right immediately after the Libertà bridge. If you want to take your car to Lido, there is a ferry boat line that leaves directly from the Tronchetto.
From Tronchetto car park:
ACTV line 2 to San Zaccaria (30 minutes) then either line 1 or line 51 to Lido (17 minutes)
Ferry boat (35 minutes)

Drivers arriving from the Brennero,  Milano or Bologna and heading to Marghera, Mestre, Venice must take the motorway Padova-Mestre-Tangenziale West to Mestre - link up with Marco Polo motorways.

Venice Padova Motorways: www.autovepd.it
Ferry Boat: www.actv.it
ASM Venezia Piazzale Roma Garage (Piazzale Roma): phone +39 0412727301
Parking Sant'Andrea (Piazzale Roma): phone + 39 0412727304
Venezia Tronchetto Parking (Isola del Tronchetto): phone +39 0415207555
Venezia Garage San Marco (Piazzale Roma): phone +39 0415232213

English is the official language of the conference: simultaneous translation will be provided into Italian.

The Organizing Secretariat will be pleased to send a letter of invitation to registered participants upon request, if needed for visa requirements. It should be understood that such a letter only aims to assist participants who need to obtain a visa or permission to attend the Congress and it is not a commitment on the part of the organizers to cover fees and other expenses or to provide any financial support. All expenses incurred in with relation to the conference are the sole responsibility of the delegate.
Please send your request to the EVIVENICE Secretariat (info@dgmp.it), specifying your full name and address. The request will be met only if the delegate has completed the registration process and after receipt of the appropriate registration payment.

Citizens of countries in the European Union and the European Economic Area do not need a visa for Italy.
We strongly recommend that you consult the official website of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
http://www.esteri.it/visti/index_eng.asp for updated and detailed information for foreigners regarding entrance visas for Italy and permits of stay.
Foreign participants should contact the Italian Embassy or Consulate in their home country as soon as possible to determine their particular visa requirements. Participants requiring visas must initiate the application process at least 3 months prior to their departure date.
The conference organizers cannot assist participants with their visa application process.

Attendance Certificates will be delivered upon request to all registered Delegates at the end of the conference.
Currency exchange can be made in banks and exchange booths ("Bureaux de change") or ATM in the city centre, airports, train stations and tourist areas. ATMs are widespread. Banks are usually open Monday through Friday from 8.30 to 13.30 hrs. In the afternoon, the opening hours change from bank to bank but they are usually open from 14.30 to 16.00 hrs. Banks are closed on weekends.
VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club are widely accepted credit cards at registration desks, hotels, department stores, shops, restaurants.


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